Hacking the Vote

This is a link-packed post on the subject of the US voting systems and their electronic replacements. Many of these posts suggest that there may be some serious problems in the coming elections down south, with a private company - whose CEO has indicated strong support on behalf of his company (!!) for the Republican party - providing the software that runs the machines.

The thing that gets me is the response, both in the media and from the Diebold (the company that makes the machines and provides their software), to this information. One the one hand, from the little US media i've seen, there seems to be little or no coverage of the revelations about these voting machines. It seems to me that the means by which the leaders of the nation are chosen should be closely scrutinized and vigorously reported upon, but there is nearly nothing being said. If anyone knows differently, please let me know.

The other reaction is that of Diebold itself, which in the main seems to be to use lawsuits and threats thereof to silence anyone that speaks out about the flaws in the system. Instead of facing the problems, they are endeavouring to silence any and all critics of their software. This is not ... Well, just not a good thing.

Tell me, from anyone who takes the time to read this, does this shit scare the crap out of you?

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