Well, no news on the legal rights front -- my queries to Ask.Metafilter went well-answered, but the message I sent to the CCLA didn't get me any response, so I'll be sending something again, in the hopes that someone there will answer.

Not a lot new -- getting ready to end the internship, mainly, and return to the academic life, poverty and all. I'll be part time anyway, but it'll be interesting, being back on the grind.

Saw Valerie for lunch today, she's in town only briefly for the Folk Festival, and then she's off to Sechelt, near my cousins' place, where she has a short-term teaching position. All over the place, she is. I miss having her around for epic theological debates, but life moves us all, I suppose.

How's everyone else? Anyone care to touch base, let me know what's going on in your lives?

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