Wow. That was a pain.

About a week and a half ago, we were given what seemed to be a relatively straightforward assignment in CMPT229. Nothing fancy, just implement a [doubly linked list]( in assembler.

This would be easier, but then there's the whole _assembler_ part of that statement.

Assembler is a form of low-level programming language that, for the purposes of this class, looks like this:

sub $s0, 1
bltz $s0, getPrevious_retzero
move $a0, $s1
jal getElementData
beq $v0, $s2, getPrevious_found
move $a0, $s1
jal getNextElement # get the next element
move $s1, $v0
j getPrevious_loop

So, anyway, i just spent about five more hours than i ever expected to hammering away at that. And i got it working! It's a hideous kludge, but it works. And it might even make some kind of sense to someone else reading it.

But that, i doubt :)

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