Growing pain

As some of you probably know, for the last couple of years my right wrist has been getting more and more sore and strained. This isn't really a surprise to me, since carpal tunnel syndrome is basically a known side effect of spending as much time as i do at the computer.

The thing is, now that i'm actually taking steps down a path towards a career in computing, i have to do something about it, because the condition is only getting worse as time goes by, not better.

So, at the recommendation of one of the premier tech sites on the net, and at ridiculous personal expense, i purchased a pair of "smart gloves" to see if they could help. The gloves arrived just yesterday, so it's too early to tell how well they're gonna work, but here's hoping i see a difference.

I'd like to be able to use my hands in the future... Ya know, they're kind of useful :)

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