What a weekend...

Let's see.

So, Char managed to whip up a ridiculously large meal for Dad's birthday just yesterday. Starting with the appetizers and ending with dessert, we ate for _four hours_. Yum! :)

Fondue is the best stuff on earth. It just doesn't get better than that. You eat until you couldn't fit another bit in your stomach, and then, after waiting a few minutes pass, you eat some more. And some more...

In other news, i - at last - own an "ipod":http://www.apple.com/ipod/ . 15 Gb of music that i can carry with me anywhere and... Well, i could rant about how cool this is all day, but i think i'd better stop here before someone comes over and forces me to buy a Mac or something. Suffice to say, this toy makes me happy, big time.

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