Going back again

I'm writing this entry from the house i pretty much grew up in, up in Grande Prairie. It still looks nearly 100% the same, cosmetic differences aside. I mean, furniture is arranged a bit differently, and the damned dog's piss has killed half the back yard, but little has changed.

So, i'm back. Yeah, only for a weekend, and i've been back before, but this time is a bit different. I'm back to see an ending and a beginning, and a good thing in all, in the wedding of one of my best friends, and one of the most special people that've ever been part of my life. So, i'm doing a lot of reflecting. And then, talking to Terra, whose name i probably just misspelled, about the years that have passed since i last lived here... Just one of those nostalgic weekends.

Bah. I'm going nowhere with this, so i'm going to stop talking. Just this: Hold on to your past, folks. Sometimes, just maybe, it does ya good to keep it.


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