G'morning. I'm bored, already!

Oddly enough, I've found that having eight days off over the last two weeks is too much.

Oh, I'll admit, if I had _known_ that they would be free in advance, it would be a whole different story -- I could have planned some, made some progress on projects, etc. But, since it's a completely day-to-day issue, I find myself more or less at loose ends for the duration.

So, right now, I'm hoping that the skies stay clear for a good long stretch, so that I can return to work tomorrow, no doubt to get filthy and hot lugging a pump and 4-inch hose around clearing out low spots on the jobsite. Still, it's getting paid, and that's a good thing. And it's activity, also a good thing.

Anyway, though, today at least will be spent trying to make a fractal draw on my screen. SWT is proving to be a bit of a different beast when it comes to outputting images, so I have a little bit of a hassle to work through. Not least because I don't really 'get' graphics programming, which leaves me with a bit of a struggle to get things together. I can grok string work, but for some reason the way that nearly every java app and framework handles images just leaves me cold. It's essentially impossible to just create a simple image and show it.


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