Gmail Goodness

Well, I was pretty leery at first -- I'm not a big fan of web-based e-mail, and I really didn't expect "Gmail": to be any different. Sure, it's made by "Google":, but that shouldn't really make all the gripes about web e-mail go away, should it?

Well, the thing is, yes. Yes it does. I don't want to be a massive technowanker about this (because apparently people have "complained": about it), but I'm really happy with how Gmail works for my messages. It's organized intelligently, it's fast, and although the UI isn't perfect (the loading sticks sometimes and the pages never seem to 100% load) it's pretty damned good, and by _heaven_ is it fast.


I'm actually at the point where I'd suggest getting Gmail just to forward all your other addresses to it, and access them all in one place. It's what I'm doing, and I love it.

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