Getting Closer

I've got only three days before Ms. Charlotte and I take off into the blue yonder, across the pacific (a first, at least as far as reaching the other side goes -- Hawaii doesn't count) to Japan, where we'll be roaming around and posting pictures (over at [Morruz](, as per SOP).

I've got just about everything taken care of, on this end; I've finished (as far as I'm going to) my paper for Cmput 401, I've got most of the written assignment for 414 finished, and a deferral on my 3000-word essay to a week after I get back.

On the work front, I've been putting in a bit of time off the books because I wanted to get some coding done, which wasn't happening with all of the container management stuff I was doing. Oh, it pays the bills, but struggling with IBM's toolset was one of the least fun things I've ever had the ... _pleasure_ ... of doing.

So, that's it.

I'm taking one of the few real vacations I've had in my life, since leaving home. Oh, I've been unemployed, and I've been off for a few days here and there, but this type of thing is rare, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to travel with Char; we've never done this together. Wish us luck! ;)

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