Free, huh?

I'm still damned busy, but [some things]( I just can't help myself from posting.

This is a small site, with no real impact, and no political pretensions -- I don't provide a service to people who want info on the government, although I criticize sometimes. However, the fact that linking to [this]( is cause for subpoenas from my own government... Well, let's just say that suppression of free speech is abhorrent under all circumstances. Especially when it involves the very people in positions to suppress it.

This USian blogger is [pumping]( [out]( [information]( about the Adscam trials, although I'm not sure what his angle on it is, and as far as I'm concerned is providing a valuable service.

Just remember -- if you're co-national with me, it might soon be illegal for you to read those links.

It's worth noting, as someone else in the blog community has in response to this, an old saw about the internet: It will treat censorship as network damage and simply route around it. This is a feature, not a bug.

Anyway, the workload is lightening off a bit -- I may be reachable for conversation (for the masochists among you) soon, and after next weekend I actually expect to have time to relax!

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