So, I just had a close call, driving home from Beau's place.

For Edmontonians or frequent visitors, the locations described below will make sense.

At the top of the road down to the Walterdale bridge, there's a corner from 109 st that branches into Saskatchewan Drive and this road, whose name I don't know.

Anyway, at the lights just south of it, by Keegans, I cruise through the just-turned green light, and the car at the light in the left (non-turning) lane peels off just as I go by (more on the car later). They accelerate to an excessive speed, as evinced by the squeal of their tires as they go around the corner to the down-hill road, and realize (apparently) that there is a car in their way. Meanwhile, I'm at the normal speed for the corner, having not had to stop at the lights, more or less a carlength behind the fast vehicle. The vehicle which, at this point, swerves wildly attempting to avoid the car in their lane, very nearly hitting me, and doing a serious number on the rear bumper of the unsuspecting sedan in front of them.

At which point, this vehicle peels off down the road to the bridge, spewing bumper pieces.

Now, they missed me by -1.0m and a braking of quickness. I was freakin' lucky.

So, the car that did the hitting (as opposed to the hittee, or the dodger (me)) had been beside me at 76th ave and 109 as well, and I heard someone in there (female) say something or other, and then they tore away at the green light, ripping up 109 to the Whyte lights, and then doing the same for the next lighted intersection as well. Apparently they were out for some fun, which resulted (in case it wasn't clear above) in a hit-and-run (in my opinion).

There's one other coda for this tale. Being a security-sort, one thing you learn: Catch license plates.

I did. The occupants of the hittee were pleased.

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