Flat-out scared

I talked to the [U of A Registrar](http://www.registrar.ualberta.ca/) today about my application for admission -- the one that has been accepted for pretty much every other student in my class. You know, the ones whose cumulative marks fall short of mine?

They seem to have "lost" the file.

It's not that they don't have the information, but they don't know why I haven't heard back, or anything at all about my status as a would-be University student. Thus, I am in limbo. Not a successful applicant to the U. Spinning my wheels. And, of course, scared shitless that something went wrong, they're not going to take me, and i'm fucked.

Realistically, what the hell am I going to do if they _don't_ accept me? Just say "Oh, well! Back to $(MENIAL SHITWORK JOBSITE) for me!" and keep right on smiling? Christ. What a horrible idea.

As it is, even if they do accept me, i'm already too late to apply for all the plum course sessions -- the ones with only 12 students that are probably going to be where the interesting and motivated people are, with the funky projects and high-quality teaching. Basically, I'm going to be stuck -- yet again -- with the same shithead classmates that i've had to endure for two years to _get_ to the U of A and, what's more, **THEY'RE ALREADY ACCEPTED AND I'M NOT!!!!**


I have to go now. Study for exams... Although I wonder if it's worth bothering at this point.

### Mood Swing

I just spoke to a very nice lady at the Faculty of Science who apparently heard my concern and called the Registrar's office on my behalf, finding out that -- in fact -- the application is now in the process of being prescreened and should be sent over to them soon. What's more, she said that when they received it they'd fast-track the evaluation of it, to minimize futher delays.

/me breathes a _massive_ sigh of relief.

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