There's a trend in several segments of society... Screw that, _all_ segments of society that i've seen so far. And it pisses me right off.

It exists in politics, currently exemplified by the knee-jerk "Bush|America|Islam|(Demo|Republi)crats is Evil". This, despite any evidence supporting the assertions, or in the cases where there is any evidence, instead ignoring the alternate equally-likely benign or indifferent interpretations thereof.

It exists in $(SUBCULTURE) where every single subculture feels it is put upon by The Man, regardless of the degree to which the adherents of said culture are, in fact, *utterly* insignificant to the people they feel persecuted by.

It exists in race politics, where oversensitive dolts of all stripes are offended by the possibility that someone, somewhere may take offense to something, and therefore must ban it.

And it exists -- most recently annoying me -- in the geek community, where either Microsoft is Evil, Bill Gates is Evil, Apple is God, Linux is the One True Way, GPL is the only good way to release software, closed source is the devil's work, and information _wants to be free_.

For christ's sake, people... Think! Look past the slogan and realize that motivations are complex, and sometimes the straight line from one idea to the next is not the path that is taken in the ever-changing real world. There's more to competition than "Destroy Java using the immense power of MS Super-Marketing" and there's more to politics than "Bush == Hitler". When you assume motiviations in the absence of evidence or knowledge, all you show is that you can't be trusted to think critically. This is not to say one cannot comment on motivations whatsoever, but there has to be some acknowledgement that the evidence might not all be in, and in a lot of cases it's pretty safe to assume a benign neglect as opposed to active malice. More damnage and wrong occurs through the former than the latter, by far.


Now i'm all hot under the collar. What think you, Simon? Got any irritations to add (based on recent bus-riding experience)?

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