Well, i'm doomed.

Yep. Doomed.

And no, i don't mean good Doomed. I mean fated for ill things.

It's tragic that the more my tastes for company, activity, and sociability move away from the bar scene, the more I seem to find myself working in them. It sucks. Oh, it's not like I really hate the job or anything, i'm generally alright with the nature of the work. Sure, it's crashingly dull, but so are a lot of other things that I find myself doing. It's more like I have a distaste and lack of respect for the patrons.

Alright, i'm sure that surprises nobody.

Anyway, this isn't a workblog, so posting on that topic is liable to be minimal at the best of times, but i wanted to get that off my chest.

And i'm still trying to persuade a certain friend of mine to start blogging about his job, so perhaps i shouldn't ride to hard on workblogging.

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