Failed failures(curses!)

So, back to the classes. I've now attended each and every one of my classes for this semester, and one thing strikes me:

It's disappointing how few people have failed the first year.

There are several people whose coursework last year consisted simply of downloading a java disassembler and reverse-engineering the lab samples, and then playing a whackload of Counterstrike. Depressing. And this is the future of the science...

So, the rundown, as is obligatory:

CMPT201: C++. Yay! Major source of moron attrition number 1. Ron's not too lenient, which i like. And, he's running the labs. This i like even more.

CMPT229: Assembler. This is likely to be the other heavy attrition course... I hope.

MATH125: Linear Algebra (advanced) ... Solomonovich. Need i say more?

STAT221: Dunno yet, but the teacher (this is for you, Char) has an irish accent. Wanna come to girlfriend/teacher night? :)

PSYC104: Required for Cognitive Psych. Otherwise, looks like a great time to take a nap.

Anyway, i'm hoping to get a nice view of some of the lazier students crashing and burning... w00t!

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