Extended Happiness

Greetings, again. i have returned from Middle Earth, in a manner of speaking, and i must say, it's a hell of a trip. The extended edition of the DVD is everything it was billed to be, and more. There were scenes placed back into the movie that, when i first saw it in the theatre, i knew belonged in the movie. There was a generally more calmly-paced feel to the movie. And, by the end, i was just so damn happy to see more of it.

I think more than half of the DVD chapter segments have footage added to them. In addition, there are a few extra scenes, and two, at least, that are completely changed by the new footage.

The first thing you'll notice is the new introduction - You get to see Isildur put on the ring to hide from the Orcs, and you see it betray him. Much better setup. This is followed by an extended intro to the Shire, where Bilbo reads "On Hobbits" while we get a tour of the Shire's people. Another thing that i missed from the book was the Sackville-Bagginses. Not anymore... :) Shortly before Frodo leaves the Shire, there is more added footage of Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin partying at the Green Dragon - some singing, some ale... It's all good.

Enroute to Rivendell is where the first of the truly important scenes (to me) got added. Frodo and Sam see Elves, as the Elves make their way west to the Grey Havens and the Sea.

More is added to Aragorn's character, as well - the party is shown in the marshes, complaining about midges as Aragorn leads them. Frodo's line "he would look fairer and feel fouler" to describe Aragorn is, i think, one that should have been left.

At Rivendell, Boromir is given more personality - you see why he wants the ring more clearly. There's more here, but to tell the truth, it's best experienced by surprise.



And then there was Lothlorien. To anyone who's read the book, this is where the DVD pays off. I would tell more, but truly, it's worth seeing on your own.

Basically, the upshot of all of this is that the DVD was worth every penny. Categorically, clearly, and completely an improvement over the amazing original.

Plus, the Argonath bookends are nifty :)

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