School week in review

Things i learned this week:

One: People who get engaged in debates in ENGL-101 are bound to be shouted down if their opinion is unpopular. Okay, that's excessive. But, as in all things social, differing from the common view gets short shrift there. Other than that, though, it was deeply satisfying to get to unsheath my claws a bit in English. I haven't ever had that much fun in the class before. Thumbs up!

Two: CMPT-272 is progressing towards the elements that are of interest to me. We're starting elementary number theory this week, and we've gone from straight propositional logic to slightly more complex prepositional logic now. I'm enjoying this, too. Later in the course, i hope to come to a more thorough understanding of just what the hell Don Knuth is talking about. In what, you ask? Everything.

Three: MATH-115 is, well, irritating. Doable, but annoying. Luckily, i still have the russian asshole as my professor, or i'd probably hate the course. Thanks to M. Solomonovich, i get a lot more enjoyment from math than i otherwise would have. Right now, we're basically touching on the physical applications of integrals. If that doesn't make sense to you, don't worry. There are people in the course as confused as you, if not more so.

Four: What is it with people these days? In my CHEM-101 class, i am one of only two people who ever speaks. It's like as soon as the prof. asks a question the entire class is struck dumb. I don't get it. There has to be more than one person with questions, or else i wouldn't be comfortably in the top 10% of the course. If all of these people have no questions, they must know something i don't, right?

Five: CMPT-115 is fun. My teacher is hyperactive and enthusiastic, if not quite as crazy as the last one. At least he cares, which is nice. I'm looking forward to this whole course at this stage, and i don't think it's gonna disappoint.

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