Edging over

The world edges a bit closer to madness again, or -- more to the point -- reveals that it was closer all along, with the revelation that [North Korea has nuclear weapons](http://news.google.com/?hl=en&ncl=http://www.rferl.org/featuresarticle/2005/2/DBC7FEDF-4054-474B-922B-6BD662473F8E.html).

Honestly, I'm not surprised. Details of manufacture and procurement of material aside, even a layman like myself can understand the basic principles behind a nuclear device. The knowledge has been in the world since the first spark of a sun was lit at [Trinity](http://www.wsmr.army.mil/pao/TrinitySite/trinst.htm), and knowledge like that has a way of getting around.

Now the question is, what will the reaction be? I'm thinking back to the mid-to-late eighties, before the thawing of relations between Russia and the US really got into gear, and I don't remember a feeling of fear. ... Well, at least not of nuclear holocaust. I feared a lot of other things, but that's not related to this. The thing is, though, Russia in that era honestly believed that they could realistically wipe out their enemy, even though they would take catastrophic casualties in the process. For all of the mockery of the MAD(Mutually Assured Destruction) policy, it showed itself to be, at worst, not a cause of a nuclear conflict. What makes N. Korea a bit scary is the fact that they don't have that balance. Granted, they're far down on the "destroyed" side of the "Unilaterally-assured destruction" equation, but it's still a bit worrisome. Although you can't kill a bear or a sleeping giant with a .22-caliber rifle, you can sting them, and ... Okay, shitty analogy. I was heading towards "fleas" with that one, and it's not really working. I hope you get the idea.

So where am I going with this?


And let's hope that's all that _needs_ to be said on the subject.

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