I... may well have lost a friend today.

This is, needless to say, not a happy thing. It's frustrating. I can see the futility of our argument, even as i'm in the middle of it. I don't usually get outwardly angry, but i can feel that pointless rage bubbling just underneath the surface.

It's a petty little fight, over next to nothing. Waste of energy, really. Still, i don't think i was wrong on the posters. It may not have been - strike that, wasn't worth the price, but i don't feel that i was in error on them. And so, i was stubborn. This is who i am. When i believe i'm in the right, i will not budge.

And so, we fought. I tried to say what i was feeling - that he was wrong about the way i felt about him and our friendship - but, well, really there's no way to talk over Jamie. Kinda the way of things, there. You'd think i'd be prepared for it. A lot went unsaid... on my part, at any rate.

And i walk away with nothing. Nothing petty - no posters. Nothing significant - no friend.

All in all, a piss-poor evening.

Comments would be welcome, but the only person whose commentary i'd like to hear on this doesn't read this site.

Thanks for reading. Back to normal tomorrow, i imagine.

Comments !