Dodging the Headsman

Well, today was an interesting one at work. I arrived at noon to a quiet office with at least one strange face in it, and a lunch room that was... strangely under-filled.

It turns out that, in the process of being bought out, our office had been subject to some serious headcount reduction, including two of our core developers, one of which I have come to think of as a friend over the last year and a half. Additionally, our two new interns are on the block, ending their terms eight months early.

I, however, was spared the axe. For some reason, that isn't the cheering thought that it could be. It speaks well for my quality of work that I would be kept, but I'm also cheap. I can only hope that my position lasts once that is no longer the case.

### Update

I've password-protected this post because I don't know who might be reading it from work, new or old, and I'd rather be cautious about that.

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