Couple of things

Well, it's been a few days, and persuant to my resolution to post more, here's one.

Items of note:

- I've just bombed a [Cmput 340]( midterm, or at least I'm pretty sure I did. That course is raping my mind, it's just not as easy as I had hoped (given my knack for numbers) that it would be.
- I'm getting up to speed in [Cmput 391]( now, mostly as a consequence of paying attention in class. I had my head up my ass at the beginning of the term, and I seem to have gotten it out.
- [Char]( and I are going to be making our way down to Mexico this coming week. This will slow posting down to a crawl, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone. It's not as far south as the dad and sister are (Miss you guys!) but it's a step. 33 degree weather! Ech :). Still, since I have to bring homework with me, I'm not as relaxed as I could be. It'll be nice to get away, though.
- New look to the site, if you didn't notice :)
- DietFilter: [Aaron]( has been raving about a Calorie-Reduced diet that he's on. It seems like a lot of work, but it also seems to be backed by real science. I have to admit, it might be an argument from authority, but I'm pretty curious. I wonder if I'd have the willpower to do it?

If anything else comes up, of course I'll post about it.

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