Hey, all you craaaazy...

Okay, that is definitely not _my_ tone, there.

Seriously, though, what are all of you up to? I know [Matt]( is done for the summer, but of course is swamped with lesson planning for the heavy [workload]( of next year. Another sometime reader has just [gotten]( [engaged](, which is cool news, and Mom is settling in at home. The usual suspects, etc...

But (what with moving) the only one of you I've really seen a lot of this [summer]( is [Simon](, who -- while cool, and all -- is only a small part of my circle of valued friends.

We're almost set here to host some sort of get-together, and I intend to invite everyone that reads this (and a few that don't, those technologically-[backward]( "Those wacky loom-wreckers!") people who for some reason think I'm a decent sort). Dates will be forthcoming. Apparently [Char]( is drooling over the idea of hosting a [cocktail party]( :)

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