Cobwebs Abound

Although it might appear to the casual observer that I am dead, or perhaps comatose, I assure you that neither is the case. Rather, I have been swamped with a combination, familiar to some of you, of school and work that has left me with little time even to prepare for my incipient travels (to be catalogued, as M&M's are, at [](

Here's a capsule summary of the last couple of weeks:


Really, that's all.

I've been trying to exercise a bit more lately, which is probably a good idea. Char's heavy into the yoga, and she's had me join her a couple of times, which I have found relatively pleasant, and should probably get into more consistently. I've also actually _used_ the gym that comes with our apartment, which is revolutionary in itself, and even more, I've actually worked up a sweat by choice. Will wonders never cease?


Well, nothing else.

How are all of you?

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