Civil discourse

Had a great time chatting w/ Matt D. last night, for those of you that know him, you'll understand why - he's one of the few people with whom i can disagree on issues ranging from healthcare to general philosophy, and still have a debate that actually feels like it serves a purpose; his opinions spur thought for me, and it seems to me that he also considers mine. Not something that i see very often.

He and Amy have great friends, too. Having only met Rod and Scheherazade the one time previously, at a movie, i had never really had a chance to talk to either of them. Now that i have, i am quite impressed with both of them, they come off as really interesting folks. I hope that i will get to see more of them in times to come... Assuming, of course, that i stay in a sociable mode ;)

Anyway, i don't really have anything else to day, except damn skydiving is great!

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