Chitty Chitty Bye Bye

She was the first cat I'd ever held that actually went for my eyes; by _god_ did she hate me.

She was neurotic and temperamental; she would be loving everything one minute, and the next she would be an omnidirectional hate engine.

She hated to be held, and hated standing on any part of a human, for the first five years I knew her.

She made noises like you were killing her to indicate her pleasure when you petted her. She also made those same noises to "warn" you that you were about to pull back a stump.

She liked to play, when she was out of hiding.

She loved Char... but she _adored_ me. I was the first person on whose lap she would not only sit, but _occupy_ with force. I could not be somewhere in the house without her making at least some visit to me.

She ... could not live with a dominant male cat. Her stress manifested itself both in her unhappiness and in behaviours that were unpleasant for us.

I am so sorry, Chitty, that we could not give you a happy home. I earnestly believe that we have done the very best thing for you that could be done; given you the most solid shot at a happy home. Someone will adopt you, I am sure.

I'll miss you.

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