Call to action

I realize that this is two posts today (a habit that wouldn't kill me to keep up with, all told) but here's something you all should see: the Firefly Season 2 project, as linked from this /. article.

There's a survey for demographics that, if you liked the show, I encourage you to fill out as gappily as you want. Since I get my spam protection from spamgourmet, I'm comfortable giving them a protected address. I encourage you to do no more than that.

But every bit helps.

Maybe, just... well, what's the worst that can happen? No more Firefly? Well, shit. Looks like that's already happened.

It's worth noting, and it's easy enough to determine for yourself, that there is some debate as to the reality of this plan. I'm not sure, myself, but given that the site creator has responded reasonably to the accusations, and the information requested is not required, just desirable, I'm inclined to say that it can't hurt.

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