Busy Times

Well, it's been a busy few weeks here, as evinced by... well, nought, as far as you all can tell. I've been lazy with regards to all _kinds_ of aspects of communication, and it shows. Sometimes, I am amazed that anyone even pays attention.

So, here's a summary (I do this more than I should, I think).

1. I've finally got my own computer back again. Although it's been a frustrating month (All of September) with no personal computer, on Oct 1 I received the aforementioned shiny new Macbook Pro 17". This thing is a titan among computers, easily being usable as a TV too :) I'm much pleased with it.

2. In connection with the above-mentioned computer acquisition, I should be looking at updating some plugins I've got out in the wild; I've been meaning to for ages, but because I've been without a computer for what feels like forever, it hasn't happened.

3. In what can only be called an embarrassment of riches, on the same day I received the new MBP I also received my work laptop, which is well on its way to being an adequate replacement for my work desktop. Shockingly all of it works, except for the goddamned wireless, rendering it more or less 100% tethered at home. More to come, there.

4. I finished Neal Stephenson's "Baroque Cycle", a 3000-page epic set in the years preceding the enlightenment and telling a very interesting (fictional) story about the lives of Newton, Leibniz, and some fictional people of the time. It took me ages to read, but it was _so_ worth it.

  1. I'm at 37 jumps now, only one injury!
  2. I should get to work.

7. Bioshock kicks my ass eight ways from Sunday. I am so pleased with it, and am **so** going to try a replay.

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