Burning Building


Char and I, sitting in our apartment, noticed a strange siren from outside the door. Turns out our building isn't really all that well-equipped with loud fire alarms. Not that I mind; I'd notice them. Char, however, would not, if she were sleeping...

But I digress.

So, one of the 19th-floor penthouse suites was aflame in a serious way. Fire licking at the roof, smoke sheeting out. I wish I had a camera. Or, for that matter, apartment insurance.

I'm pretty pleased with the fire department -- less than one hour from alarm to all clear.

Nifty stuff, this whole "Fire" thing.

Updates inside...

Turns out that the fire was, in fact, confined to the balcony of the suite. Hockey equipment + careless smoker == no hockey equipment + lots of smoke.

You live, you learn, I guess.

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