Breaking (even?)

Well, there's a couple of less-than-pleasant "things-falling-apart" issues in my life at the moment. Nothing too serious, they're all material goods as opposed to the more valuable social and emotional connections.

First, it seems that some dumb yokel wandering through our back alley sometime in the last week saw fit to smash the back window of my truck. It's held together mainly by virtue of the tint film that was on it. [Simon]( and Mel noticed it and brought it to my attention yesterday. Bunch of savages in this town, I kid you not.

Second, the beast is misbehaving. My computer is beginning to experience hard crashes (lockups bad enough that I have to reboot the old-fashioned way and my registry is getting corrupted. If that's greek (geek?) to you, don't worry. Translate it as "BAD" and you'll do okay) and that annoying hard drive failure issue... I fear that I'm going to have to accelerate my replacement plans, but I'm going to hold off in the hopes that it won't be necessary. /me is crossing his fingers with great hope.

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