Books I plan to read, websites that I think are cool.

I was thinking, today; I have a lot of books on my plate in the immediate future. I mean, just stupid quantities of readings that I mean to get to.

I'm just finishing Tad Willams' `Shadowmarch <>`__ right now. I've started, and need to get around to finishing, Stephen R. Donaldson's `The Runes of the Earth <>`__. I'm in the same position with C.J. Cherryh's *Collected Short Fiction* and *Precursor*/*Defender*/*Explorer*.

Char just bought me *Freakonomics*, which looks interesting. I've also got Ray Kurzweil's *The Age of Spiritual Machines* on my plate. Add to that a plan to re-read Norman's *The Design of Everyday Things* and a standing request for Amy to lend me the rest of Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan books, and I've got quite a pile. Not to mention Dan Simmons' *Illium* and *Olympos*, the former of which I am half-finished.

The sites part of this post is a link to the Library Thing and the Library Elf, two excellent tools for book lovers.

The Library Thing is an online book catalog. Enter your books into it, by ISBN, LoC catalog number, or manually, and you can use it as a "list of books you have" for all time. I'm lazy, so I haven't got around to finishing my collection off, but it's worth it. If I ever get around to it ;)

The Library Elf is a late-fee preventor. It tracks your loans at any number of libraries (for any that support it, for example, the Edmonton Public Library) and sends you an email when they're almost due, providing a good reminder.

Does anyone else know of any funky sites for book geeks? I know about Project Gutenberg, for the record.

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