As I write this, I am so ridiculously unmotivated...

I don't know why, but every time I look at something that isn't work-related associated with the computer, I get this massive sense of ennui, and a powerful desire to ... well, that's the problem. No powerful desire at all.

I could be working on "cron-o-meter":, and in fact, I've started hacking out the outlines of the changes I want to make, but the scale of the alterations necessary to _robustly_ support the fixes we need daunts me, for some reason, and I can't bring myself to start.

I could be working on learning Perl, but for some reason the language just bores me.

I could be working on my "Azureus plugins":, but -- again -- no motivation.

I could be reading a book, but I don't have a powerful desire to do so at the moment.

I could be playing a game, but ... meh. Just don't care.

This is irritating. A long weekend, and a big, steaming pile of fuck-all accomplished. I'm not happy with that.

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