Biblical, yo.

What a downpour.

It started about 14:45 just before Char had to leave for work, and as we got ready to drive there, it was picking up to mammoth volumes including hail and low, threatening clouds. We drove her to work, gingerly, and then I made my way home.

Returning home, I was forced to detour repeatedly, avoiding flooded stretches of road in places like Calgary Trail North Even avoiding those, I was stuck four times in a position where I had to go through 30 metres or so of 30cm-deep water to get where I was going.

Picked up a couple of ladies who had had their van stall out just south of one avenue and drove them the remaining 15 blocks to their house. I felt pretty good, very good-samaritan.

Then, I got home.

In my basement was 2cm of water covering 80% of the TV room floor, having come in via the saturated ground through permanent cracks in the foundation.

So, a more or less frantic removal of furniture was accomplished with the timely aid of "Aaron": who made the voyage, nay, _odyssey_ to assist me through streets made into rivers by this massive flood.

Life is icky, cold, and wet. I know, because to see if the roads were clear, I tossed on some shoes I never wear and hopped on my bike to tot around the neighborhood. Most of the water is gone, so I am going out in a minute to pick up some ribs. I deserve them.

Hopefully Jacques gets here soon with the shop-vac so that I can suck up some of the water here.

### Update

Here are some pics from the disaster (be warned, the large images are _quite_ large):
TV Room 1

TV Room 2

TV Room 3


Front Yard

Depression in the side of the yard

Back Yard under the tree


That's all of them for now.

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