Belated, I Update.

Whoops. I really, really meant to do some writing before this, but I guess it just kind of slipped my mind. I _have_ been pretty busy this week, so I think I can be forgiven.

Not too much new to report. I have spent the last week mostly being a labourer, with two days as a surveyor out of seven where Mir was MIA(Missing in Action). Other than that, I slaved away in the hot goddamn sun with people running the gamut from a hard-working 16-year-old friend of a hoe operator to the most aggravating person I've had the displeasure of sharing company with in ages. Oh, for two days I drove pilot truck, which has to be the easiest goddamn job ever invented. This one could probably be done by a very small shell script, it's that easy. But it did mean that I got paid to drive around listening to music for as many as ten hours.

On the school front, one step closer. Got my registration confirmation deposit paid and taken care of. Thus, I am in. All that remains is to get my student loan set up and start buying books. As this comes closer, I'll admit I'm becoming more and more nervous. I'm setting the bar awfully high for myself this semester, and I can only hope that I'm up to the challenge. If I didn't believe that I could, I wouldn't have done so, but still. It's going to be hard.

The biggest thing upcoming, I suspect that most of you know about already. In a couple of weeks, I mark my last day w/ Prarie Roadbuilders, and I intend to celebrate by going out to a place called [Eden North]( and jumping out of a plane once or twice. And, in the spirit of sharing this experience with as many people as I possibly can, _everyone_ is invited. First jumps aren't _that_ expensive, and the pleasure lasts a lifetime. I couldn't recommend it more, folks.

I have other things to write about, but this'll do for now.

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