Back At It

Yay! Semester two began today, and i'm really looking forward to this set of courses. It's going to be a busy year, for sure, and i'm hoping that i do as well as i did last semester (Both marked courses were As).

I have English again, the same course about which i've bitched over and over again - i get to find out how well i did on the midterm, which i admit i'm looking forward to. I felt pretty solid on that exam. It remains to be seen whether there's any improvement in the overall caliber of the course, though. Perhaps i'll be pleasantly surprised. And then again, perhaps not.

Also on my plate this semester is the course that was the bane of my existence last time i was being educated - Formal Systems and Logic, CMPT272. This is basically the required math course for computer programmers, thinly disguised as a computer course. It's all about number theory, sets, discrete mathematics, logic, etc... I'm basically expecting to have a fair amount of fun with it.

The only other course that i've started yet this year is Math 115. Same prof. as last semester, which i approve of - he was an asshole, but he knows his stuff. I don't think that he has any more patience for stupidity than i do, and he and i have talked about the low quality of public education in this country before. I'm looking forward to this course.

Tomorrow, i start CMPT115. I predict ease. :)

And wednesday, Chem. W00! :)

Not a lot else to report, really.

What's up with you, readers dear? :)

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