At last, there's one for me!

Over at Introvertster, i've found the social network site for people like me. At last, a group of like-minded individuals who have chosen to _avoid_ each other :)

Hey, you know, given the spew of networks that cater to the excessively social -- "Friendster": , "Orkut": , and "Livejournal": , to name a few -- it's nice to see one that caters to people who hate chain letters, quizzes, "what kind of $(FOO) are you?" and all the sundry bullshit that characterizes those communities.

Wow. That was crotchety :)

Anyway, all told, i'm in a pretty decent mood at the moment. Thanks to the local health care facilities, my dad is alive, well (more or less) and on his way home for recuperative purposes as we speak. He'll be okay, and that's really most of what matters. I hope that this is the warning that it should be and that...

Well, i hope that he outlives me. But i know that won't happen, so i'll settle for just living a large number of healthy, dirty-minded, fun-having years.

Love you, Dad. Take care of yourself!

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