As a point of concern

Since most of you that read this blog are using Windows (but not all, of course), this is of interest to you: There is an exploit for windows that works by, well, someone sending you an instant message. Seriously. Yes, I know there've been hoaxes about this before, but this one is a bit more serious.

It remains to be seen what happens today when the business PCs of the world come back online, but I just ask that you be cautious with MSN instant messenger today. Trillian is a good alternative, one that I've bought a license for (although as a non-windows user, I can't really use it anymore), so I can recommend it without reservations.

If you're interested, details can be found on the original Microsoft advisory.

Also, note that this is not an IE-only flaw. Firefox users can still run into it, although it might be a bit more obvious that it's happening. This is rumour, only, so take it with a grain of salt, but I'm hearing rumbles that it might be possible. Just be careful, and update your A/V.

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