And the homestretch

Finals start today - with the (un)notable exception of a pair of lab finals. Just got back from my Math114 final - Calculus I. It's not really an important one, since i've audited the course and already know what my transcript mark is. (one hint: Not too hot)

That notwithstanding, i wanted to take the final again, even though i'm technically not even allowed to, in order to see how well i'd do if i paid attention. Not that i've ever slacked off in class before, but you know how it is... :)

So, my prof. kindly marked the exam for me after i handed it in, and i came out with a ... drum roll, please... 92%. W00! :)

Suffice to say, i can confirm that i do, in fact, know my shit. Kinda gratifying. So, my final mark in Math is going to be around 90-ish. Probably about 89%, to be precise. Acceptable.

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