... And the band plays on

Well, it looks like I've got more reason to write than ever before. And I thought that _going back to school_ was going to be a big deal and worth writing about. If only I'd known...

So, for the one of you still reading this that doesn't already know -- and I suspect that my readership has fallen to zero at this point -- I'm going to be having a baby. Char and I will become parents on or around May 23 next year (if Ali has her way, it'll be May 22, but I don't know that we'll be _that_ obedient).

I'm ... ambivalent about this. Anyone that knows me even a little knows well my feeling on the subject of my having offspring. I've never made a secret of it. But I can't really cling to those feelings at this point, otherwise I'll do far worse as a parent than my child-to-be deserves (speaking of which, since the Internet is forever, there's a good chance they're reading this. Hi, offspring!)

So, I'm reanimating this blog. I expect it'll have a different tone than before, and don't be shocked if there are posts that are either private or don't allow feedback -- this is likely to become a bit more of a public diary than a sounding board, but you're all welcome to participate. Who knows, perhaps it'll make things easier to adjust to.

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