...and home at last

Planes are so damned cramped :)

One thing i liked about the train, when i wasn't trying to sleep on it, was the sheer amount of space it has - people on a train are not crammed in. It's - even in the economy class - a fairly luxurious mode of transportation. It reminds me a bit of BC Ferries, just in the ability to walk around, the freedom to see different parts of the vessel, to pay exorbitant prices for food.

Full o' old people, though :)

Anyway, i post this from my fave seat in the world, the one in front of my very own computer. It's nice to be home at last... or it would be, if i weren't a week behind on my classes and generally kinda lost in three of my five courses.

Oh well, so be it. Back to the front!

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