And... ashes

[Char]( and I are, more or less, settling in. We've still got a state of total chaos in the kitchen, but things are coming together. I predict a lot of money spend @ Ikea over the next month, organizing the limited space in our cooking area. All told, though, it'll work out nicely. Apparently, tomorrow is my day to clean out the cat poop, if the lady's chore list is to be believed. So, I'll get started on the right foot, I guess.

Other things are... not so good.

The other point of chaos is my computer room. The sheer volume of gadgets involved renders setting it up an epic experience matcheable by few others. That being said, I got the last piece in place last night, and turned on my computer and... turned on my computer and... turned on my computer and... nothing happened. The power light came on, the motherboard's ethernet controller came on, and... nothing else. No fans, no video output, nothing. For all intents and purposes, the lovely, high-end machine upon which I was developing my projects, tinkering, and gaming, and generally keeping much of my artwork and creative output has become, in a tradition stretching back years now, a paperweight of extraordinary cost.

Naturally, I'm pretty sad about all of this. It looks more and more like I'll be looking at about 4-5 months running only a server and the work laptop at home, before I can afford a replacement. And even that will take some doing. It may be late winter.

On a slight positive note, my server still works, although we don't have internet at home until Monday (this is me, in at work on saturday, blogging). So, the REALLY vital stuff is safe. In comparison to my server (worth about $40 on the market these days), the expensive computer's value is nearly nil. So I consider myself somewhat fortunate. But, only in comparison.


I also finished Cerebus last night. Mr. Sim is cracked, to be sure, but the end of that story sure was... sad. Twenty-six years and three months later, 300 issues, and a progression from parody to prime minister to pope to bartender to boyfriend to revolutionary to figurehead.

And died alone, unmourned, and unloved.

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