...and 4!

Done at last! My first four months are completed. Semester one of eight is out of the way.

My final exam this afternoon was Chemistry 101, and i must confess, it was pretty gruelling. Not a lot of fun, not at all. But, at least it's over. It's not so much that i wasn't enjoying it as it is that i want to move on past the same old shit - all i did this semester, more or less, was repeat what i'd already done - just with more focus and less drinking. So there's nothing really new - even Chem was pretty much just a standard first-year science course, nothing too exciting.

Done, though :)

In other news, it appears that telling children that there's no Santa Claus is causing a bit of an uproar. The best part is where the school board's district spokesman says that the Santa they'll have in to visit the kids is "..the real deal"


People these days...

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