Am i?

So, i'm sitting on the couches in the bridge between buildings 5 and 6 yesterday, and listening to some guy go on - loudly and at length - about how he thinks stupid people are a waste, and how funny he's found it when someone he thinks is stupid gets fired, or humiliated, or mistreated...

And so, i wonder.

In what way am i a better person than this loud, abrasive, offensive man?

This isn't a trivial question to me... I know in my mind that i'm different from him. Nonetheless, my opinions are similar on the surface, and probably seem as unpleasant to the casual listener. I am loud, i am abrasive, and i am offensive - at least my opinions frequently are.

I guess the only thing that comes to mind is that i don't seek pleasure in the misfortunes of others. I've got a better understanding than most of the painful aftereffects of verbal and emotional abuse, so i'm a bit more sympathetic to the plight of the underdog. So, i'm less inclined to mock and ridicule those for whom i have no respect. Note, i say less, not un-.

But i'm not sure that's enough to differentiate me. And that scares me a bit, because i don't want to be the sort of person that i felt that man was.

I'm going to watch myself carefully, i think, and see if i can figure out what, if any, differences there are between us.

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