Today was my second day of training at the International Airport. It's certainly an interesting environment to work it, make no mistake. Maureen (Mo, apparently, is good enough), who is the training manager, seems a bit... flighty. Off topic more often than on, if you take my meaning. And some of my co-workers seem to be... Is it me, or is it a bad sign when someone has to ask "What month comes before July?" and can't seem to reconcile the idea that she had to live in Calgary in order to work there, and could not have done both that and live and work 300Km away at the same time?

Christ, i don't know sometimes...


At any rate, all but one of the people in the training group are on solidly. I'm not 100% sure i would have hired everyone there, but that's just me. And - at least at present - i don't make those kinds of decisions.

Bummer, that.

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