Airborne pigs!

Amazingly enough, my mother - the perennial luddite/technophobe/what-have-you - is getting online! In as few as two or three days, she'll be connected to the wild, wooly weirdness that is the world wide web!

Colour me amazed. And, to think, all that it took was Simon and i creating websites of our very own. Wow :)

Not a lot else to report, really. Char and i are going to visit a good friend or two tonight and just hang out and eat fattening desserts. It's kind of a "tail end of the holidays" sorf of thing, really. I'm looking forward to it.

In other news, i suppose i'm going to have to start crawling for forgiveness from Beau at some point, so i figure some public self-flaggelation (sp?) will have to do for a start. What do you say, boss?

Lastly, uh...

Well, given the blog's title it should be obvious - School starts monday. Yay!

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