Again, the words

Hello again, after long absence.

I apologize for the ridiculously long silence -- I do feel that I was justified, but there you go -- and as such I return with a rundown on my life so far.

I'm prepping for exams, which in this case actually means studying, a more or less new thing to me. Not flat-out new, but new-ish. This involves mainly targeted study, going over old exams and making sure they're clear to me.

My projects and assignments are done, which is good. They were... okay. The one big one went well, and the other went as well as a two-person project done by me alone could have been expected to go. The assignments, well, let's not speak of those.

Lifewise, [Char]( and I did our first Open House drive-about. We checked out two places, one of which was a nice house in a shitty location, the other of which was a nice house in a nice location, with a nice yard, but about twice as large as even we could want. We're talking fricken huge, here.


I'm working on some new programming projects as well, now, and reading up on the technologies that I'll be working with when I start with $NEWCOMPANY in the next little while.

That's about all. What are all of you, my dedicated readers, up to?

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