A long week.

This week has been pretty stressful all around, but in the last few days, thanks in no small part to Char, I've been feeling more relaxed. We've been a bit tense, but it's... nicer. And I'm feeling better about life as a whole than I have for a long while.

I'm trying to do more work around the house, partly because Char's taking a class plus working full time... well, she was working full time. She goes back to her sane schedule this coming week, which will mean I'll get to see more of her. The other reason I want to do more around the house is simple: I've had it pretty good for a long time, but as long as Char's working to pay for our lifestyle there's no reason she should have to carry the housework load. I acknowledge that there's always going to be a gap, because there are things that I care about that she does not, and vice versa, but I'm trying to narrow it down some.

In other news, I have a reasonable hope that I'll be getting jump number 22 in tomorrow, weather permitting... which it seems not to be. Damn.

We'll see.

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