A last shot at convincing

I know I harp on this one a lot, but perhaps "this":http://isc.incidents.org/diary.php?date=2004-06-29 will scare the last few holdouts amongst you away from using Internet Explorer for anything secure, or better yet, anything at all.

As discussed on slashdot, the gist of this is that a sneaky program (that can install itself invisibly when you view a webpage that tries to install it) can insert itself into your browser and read your secure information (that'd be _credit cards_, folks!) *before* it's encrypted.

There _are_ alternatives, though:
"FireFox":http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ is one, and it's the one that I use. "Opera":http://www.opera.com/ is another, although it's not really my favourite. Also, there's the old standby, "Netscape":http://www.netscape.com/ although I wouldn't recommend it personally, and Netscape's spiritual successor "Mozilla":http://www.mozilla.org/ which is basically the big brother of Firefox.

Seriously, folks. This is serious business. Don't take chances unnecessarily.

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