A Catchup, Catch-all,

and I wanted to work Catch-22 into that title, but couldn't.

So, in response to some vigourous prodding last night, I felt it was time to dust this off and get back to keeping people apprised of my life.

Here's the skinny, since... holy shit! November 6! It's been almost four weeks!

Since then, I have:

- Travelled to the Dominican Republic (where we were all amiss in not posting to [Morruz](http://www.offby1.net/morruz))
- Dislocated my shoulder... _again_. That sucked. Worse? I was just playing volleyball in a pool, not even doing anything interesting. Funny thing is, though, when I went to a medical supply store to get some foam to pad the _horrid_ sling I took home with me, the lady running the store told me that my injury seems to be quite common in volleyballers, at least anecdotally.
- Got my performance review at work, for which the term "glowing" might be an understatement.

And you wonder why I don't post? :) My life is dull, dull, dull.

It hasn't even been that interesting of a time, politically. I've kept my eyes on the news, but there's been little out of the ordinary to spark thought or discussion, either north or south of the border.

Um... I've read some good books, lately. Is that interesting? :)

Expect more later. I'm just barely awake, and [Char](http://xraystar.livejournal.com/) just fed me coffee.

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